Стас Черненко

Оператор, Россия, Краснодар

Bo | VESNA (Official Music Video)

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It is a story of toxic relationship. The characters are trying to find a way out of it. It is both funny and sad, but still very personal. Possibly for most of us.


Written and Directed by Alexander Penzev
DOP: Stas Chernenko
Producer: Dmitry Fadeev, Alexander Penzev

Cast: Daria Zhenihova, Alexander Tehanovich, Bogdan Galas, Artem Akatov

Production Designer: Yana Dunaeva
Line Producer: Ekaterina Girina
Gaffer: Kirill Kostenko
Makeup Artist: Ekaterina Kozyreva
Edit: Dmitry Fadeev
Color: Ekaterina Chernenko

Production: KEFIRMOLOKO & Fa-Diez